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Cover6 .net 

Cover6.net is the best gamesever provider, and also community in the modern day. We strive for our clients, and do the best that we can.


Cover6 likes to keep it's members up to date on almost all of the changes we make. We try to get our members involved for their own personal preference to keep everything nice and clean.


We have some of the cheapest servers today. Why pay so much, for so little? Ask some of the bigger companies why. We believe you get what you pay for.


Game servers are almost automated. All you have to do, is click the install button on open game panel for your server to be running. You control it nearly from top to bottom,

Unlimited Game Servers

Buy as many game servers as you want. We set no limit to any users as we don't mind supporting you and your communities.


“Oh. It was pretty good, because when the server went off, I had like an instant answer, and plus the panel. That made it pretty great so I had access my company server ”

“Server had extremely good uptime, but when it did go down we were alerted and told a date it would be back up. We were also given a maintenance schedule so we could know if we needed to cancel routes. Also the server control panel was really helpful as we could make changes to the server as we needed.”

“I've been with Cover6 for a while now, it's one of the best things have I have seen. I mean, who could'nt pass up on a offer that they give? My server ran smooth and to be honest, I'm not looking for another provider. 


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